Nature Photography

Homage to a Stink Bug

The cranberry carageenas have lost their glowing orange leaves. Their berries are on the ground now, picked over by chickadees.

P1360831 It is a beautiful world of colour down there, where the summer was spent in deep shade and dust.

P1360830 Above, the hedge became white with flowers, roared with a whole hive of bees, for a week, and then brought forth all these berries.P1360816

And it has been cold, too cold for summer tricksters.

P1360824 A Flash of Summer Green in December!

Ah, for the stinkbugs of summer, slipping behind a stem, faster than a moving eye.


It’s hard to believe that just a couple months ago there was such colour in the world! Dismay not. Like humans in their warm houses, stinkbugs exist in an unbroken chain of cell division going back to the first organism in the earth’s first sea. Just as the bushes live on in their berries, the stinkbugs live on in the eggs they laid in Autumn, ready to take their place in the sun. Not only do they look like leaves, but they act like them too. Let us raise our voices to the beautiful stinkbug!

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  1. I remember hearing once that “near is the new far”. No need to travel to faraway lands (at great ecological expense) to witness the wonders of the world when they are right under our nose, in easy reach of eyes and senses. These posts proves this beautifully! These go straight to the heart… Thank you!


    • Hey, that’s a wonderful quote, thank you! I’m going to comb through last winter’s pictures, to see if I have more like this that I overlooked!


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