Big Game Hunting

Ah, the wild cherry trees that sprout up like weeds on the edge of the crop lands. Here’s a red-tailed hawk showing what those things are for.

Red Tailed Hawk in His Usual Perch

Great View of the Cattle Herds in the Background

Yeah, maybe the cattle are a bit big, but it’s like watching a cooking show on television… maybe? Oh, the other thing that choke cherry trees are for …

Choke Cherries in the August Sun

Tree still too young for a resident hawk.

What is to be done while we wait for the hawk to come? Aha! So, I messed around in the kitchen (no TV cameras, cuz it was messy and sticky) and, ta da!

Choke Cherry Jelly

Hanging out with some of its friends. Do you see that apricot jam to the right? It’s a gift from a man whose apricot trees I prune every winter. Jam culture is, like, a perennial potlatch

The stuff tastes as wild as, say, wild boar, wild goose, or venison. It’s an incredible experience (after a half century tasting the sweet and wonderful fruits of colonial orchards) to taste the land itself. No wonder that hawk is ignoring those ant cattle in the background. Give him a meadow vole, any day. And that suits me fine. Just give me the cherries. I’ll leave him a dead branch. I think it’s an excellent arrangement.


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