Green Zebra!

Green zebra tomatoes are my friends. They taste like a cucumber-tomato salad, no cucumbers necessary. Slice them up on a plate and they look like cucumbers. Beautiful.

Green Zebra Tomatoes Getting Ready for a Salad in the Kitchen

Here’s one in the wild…

Green Zebras Ripen as Quickly as Sweet Million Cherry Tomatoes

Both have a lovely zing.

Here’s a cluster of them all together…

Recipe: 1 part old landscape mulch, 1 part sand from underneath the landscape mulch, discard the old landscape fabric, 1 part lumber to build a terrace, 1 part manure, 1 part clay, mix well, shovel, shovel, shovel, shovel, shovel, 1 little tiny green zebra plant, add sun, water occasionally until done, then hold off on the water.

Let’s try to get these things in the stores, I say, and in our restaurants. Mmmm.

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