Bad Cows

Yesterday, native species and fire. Today, imported species and fire. And shame. First, California Quail.  Brought here so that men can go out hunting. Men hunt moose now, up north, so the quail are largely safe, and, who knew! They blend in with a fire landscape, perfectly. Somehow, I think this isn’t the first time this species has recolonized fire landscapes. This is not the shame part.

Now, it’s easy to criticize hunters for turning a very necessary search for food into a sport, for the sheer aesthetic pleasure of it, so to speak, but it’s just not that simple. I wish it were, but look at this. Yeah, Bossie herself, horns and all.

Cow on the Search for Alfalfa

This is agriculture that makes fire look like the tenderest of caresses.

Next, that cow’s calf…

Calf High-tailing it to the Photographer, to See if He Has Something Edible to Offer

Did the cow invite her over to eat the lone piece of greenery on 30 hectares of land? She did not. That’s not the cow way.

What on earth are cattle doing on such fragile land? It’s like putting a rototiller on automatic and letting it go wherever and whenever the whim takes it.




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