flower gardening

Putting That Mower Away

Here are two kinds of lawns. The first shows the species diversity that has been created out of the wetlands at the head of Okanagan Lake at Okanagan Landing.

Marshall Field Soccer Pitch

 Species diversity: well, two species: humans and grass.

Does your lawn look like that, or does your lawn look like this?

The Blog’s Front Lawn

Icelandic poppy and friends.

I’m excited with how this has worked out. It came through the winter even better than it was  last year. Here’s a second view …

Icelandic Poppy, California Poppy, Golden Flax, Blue Flax, Cornflower, and Calendula.

Mowing: None. Petrochemicals: None. Fertilizer: None. Water requirements: Low.

Here’s another view of those Icelandic poppies …

A Lawn that Changes from Inch to Inch and Day to Day

And a great place for the cat to hunt mice, too.

Instead of mowing, a little seed scattering and scything in the fall, and a few minutes of weeding now and then, because once in awhile a weed or two shows up. The greatest danger is that the calendulas and poppies spill onto the gravel border around this lawn and I don’t have the heart to pull them out.

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