Warning: Images of disturbing violence ahead….

I spent my youth spraying the ingredients of agent orange on weeds on an ultra-modern Okanagan orchard, in a culture fed by images that matched pest control with the ongoing war in Vietnam. The freaking stuff made dandelions curl up in knots as they outgrew themselves then collapsed. I am so over that. Some people, though, aren’t. You ever wondered what stupidity looked like? It looks like this:

A Little Over-the-Fence Planet Poisoning

If you can stomach it, here’s a closer look…

Burdock in Trouble

I wish I was kidding. A human did this. Below is an image of a luckier burdock.

Burdock Saved by a Spring

No driver dares bring a mower near, lest the whole rig gets stuck. Lucky burdock.

What I learned when I was that kid poisoning himself and the world in that modern orchard that is no more … weeds like burdock don’t die from weedkiller. They have too much strength in their roots. Burdock is one of the most potent medicinal plants around. It works wonders on lung illnesses, and stuff like this. And so, while wild crafters are gathering burdock in the Monashee Mountains thirty minutes away, people are spraying it with ghastly goo in the valley to the west. It defies belief. If you are interested in killing a plant, at least have the decency to meet it in hand-to-hand combat. But this?

The Road to the Lake

Oh, yeah, that looks nice, sure. At the end of the road are a collection of pricy subdivisions, designed to lure wealthy investors into buying a bit of what is commonly called paradise.

Where are the police? And, oh, what’s across the road?

Dumber Yet

Canada Thistle? Harmless. Friend to aphids, ants, and bees. Blasted with poison. No, it won’t die. Knapweed, just behind it? The nasty of all nasties. Invasive beast from Hell (well, OK, Stalingrad and environs.) Left to bloom and spread its misery. Ruins everything it touches. Economic impact in destroyed rangeland up into the billions. Stinks like an oil well. At least target the right plant! And you know what? You know how to kill knapweed? Water it. Or pull it out. It doesn’t hold onto the soil very well. No Monsanto needed. People are going over the boundaries of their so-called private property and doing this on public land. Monsanto is laughing all the way to the bank. Shame.

So, there you have it. One reason I care about beauty so much.

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