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Ogopogo: Film Star!

Well, it’s just so much fun to have a lake monster, that pretty much anything goes. Here’s the latest video. A still from that video? Sure:

Newest YouTube Star: A Wave on Lake Okanagan. Nov. 3, 2011, West Kelowna

Clap! Clap! Clap! Hurrah! (Whistle!)

It’s been cold these nights. The Albertans have gone back to Calgary to struggle through their own version of winter, and here, with all the ski boats pulled up and stored under tarps in self storage yards up and down the valley and jammed into garages between Penticton and Red Deer, and everyone pulling out their skis from under the stairs and stocking up on oranges and mulling spices, the cold surface water of the lake sinks to the bottom and the deep water rises to the top to take its place in a vertical wave, and the lake does what it does twice a year: it breathes.

Me, I’m glad it’s alive. And I do think it deserves every one of its 200,000 YouTube hits.  Okanagan Lake, take your bow.


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