Looking for Intelligent Life in the Universe

The Okanagan is at the cutting edge of scientific research. Even the search for intelligent life and the origins of the universe is actively pursued here, on both sides of the border. The Americans are slightly more high-tech about it, but the Canadians are showing some real creativity at adapting American technology to innovative use. Let’s start with the Canadian version:

Listening to the Trees in Vernon, BC

US television technology cleverly put to use to support the emergent environmental sciences and the new environmental literary arts.

The Americans, on the other hand, who invented environmental literature, live in a world flush with technological metaphors, because they invented science fiction, too. They don’t have to worry about how to adapt the tech to local uses. As a result, we get such beautiful arrays as this:

National Astronomical Radio Observatory, Brewster Washington

Even the irrigation lines are evolving into new life forms in this technological context.

I take great hope for the future form the ways that Canadians are able to use American technology and ways of seeing for uses that extend boundaries, and even cross them. No doubt, that’s the way it is with people who share a culture but have to cross a border (a boundary) in order to put it to use.

Next week, look for some practical extensions of this idea, from the Canadian side of the Line.

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