Remember the Beetle-Killed Forests?

The devastation of the Western Pine Bark Beetle. That was news 15 and 20 years back. The end of the world. A global catastrophe. Fire would follow. And so on. A quarter of British Columbia cleared of trees. Nasty work.

Well, here’s a forest that got hit in the Cariboo 15 years ago, cleared of over-mature pines and healthier than ever.

It was all just a story of apocalypse, the kind that makes settler culture comfortable in its vulnerability and huddle close and afraid of the world.

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  1. You teach me something virtually every post. Thank you. I live in New England now, but my family were homesteaders in Conconully. I initially started reading your blog to reconnect with the Okanogan. And you have touched my understanding of the area in a powerful new wa. Thank you.


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