Ice, Out of this World

Look at the ice I found up on the mountain today!

Here’s the ice right beside it:

And a few more centimetres to the left.

Isn’t that beautiful! The bottom image appears to show wind driving the water forward while it was freezing and bubbles were coming off the shore and the grass, to slushy water in the middle of this meltwater pond. The middle image seems to show pressure changes, with bubbles being drawn up to points of gravel, where it collects as bubbles. The top image, here slightly differently, though, well, whoa.

Around the grass, the water froze in sheer crystals, extend the shape of the grass, but out in the frozen and thawed and refrozen middle of the pool, look how pitted it is! Presumably, bubbles escaped just as the water froze. It’s almost like a comet being struck by a solar storm. But, wait, isn’t that kind of what the Earth is?

Who said you can’t see the wind?

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