The Evolution of a Dead Planet and What to Do Next

Start with a grassland, maintained in a state of ecological diversity by human care for 5,000 years…

Junction Sheep Range

…and under human use for 12,000 years.

Head of the Lake

A productive grassland.

Looking East Over the Fraser from the Dog Creek Road

Then add cattle.

Hungry cattle.

Plus, isn’t that an abandoned tire in that dead bush? Why, I think it is. Add tires, too.

And horses. They can tear up grassland soil, too, the dears.

A Horse in the Ruins at Spectacle Lake.

And they can trudge. They are very good at trudging.

Hunger at Head of the Lake

Eventually, nothing is left but dust and weeds (deposited by cattle [and horses].)

Then plant an orchard. That’ll be a better agricultural idea. Yay! Good thinking! Hey, or a nut orchard on a 12,000-year-old village site!

Palmer Lake. There was a village here right after the glaciers melted. Anything growing naturally here grew up with the Smalqmex.

And then, hey, I know, instead of cattle to kill almost all growing things, you can use weedkillers. Very modern. Nice.

Import labourers from Mexico, because that’s not colonial at all, not a bit.

And pesticides. That’s how to make healthy food!

Oh no, there’s no money in it!

Old Japanese Peach Tree Holding Up its Props in Vernon

Blast it, then cut the trees down

You might have to leave the land vacant for a few years to prove how unproductive it is. Cherry stumps help in that. Just saying.

Cherry stumps help in that. Just saying.

Hey, let’s go sky-diving! That’ll be fun! And pick up a 6 pack. And a tire! Thumbs up!

Or, you can graze horses among the stumps. Nice, too.

Red Delicious Orchard, Kiona

Then declare the land unfit for agriculture, and declare agriculture a colonial endeavour anyway, and then … what do you think? Give the land back to its original people and say, “Ooops. Sorrrrrrrry? How can we help you, like, get something growing here again?” And be free of colonialism? You’d be right to hope so, but no, no, no, no, no, your hope is misplaced. You build houses on it…

House for Sale in the Old Smalqmex Village in Conconully

…that’s what you do, and declare them environmentally responsible, because they have trees for birds, berries and nuts for birds…

Filberts at Cedar Falls

…and flowers for bees that have nowhere else to go.

But then, oh dear, after 50 years, you do this:

Rock, gravel, landscape cloth and composted wood chips from trees like the once that grew here a month ago.

Well, that’s 12,000 years of life gone poof. Nothing grows here anymore. Oh, wait, is that a Christmas wreath on the door? Well, that’s all right then. If the deer are hungry…

… you can leave some apples at the edge of the deer fence for them.

Would you eat those? Don’t worry. No-one else is, either.

You can say whatever you like, in defence of any part of this crime, but it’s still colonialism gone rotten. The cows don’t even like it:

Everybody hide from the sun!

Best to give it back.

One of the landowners checking on her back forty.

It’s time to stop thinking a good thing is being done here in the work of “civilizing” this social land, ie making it “civil” or a “city,” or a “beautiful landscape.”

Note the Compost. Dead, or What. This is landscaping meant to be seen by cars. I think.

This is another face of excess atmospheric carbon. Please look long and hard on it. And then plant something for the birds instead. At least that.

What a degradation of culture over just the last fifty years. The civilization here has left the Earth during that time period. Now we are 12,000 years back in time, but, hey, it’s a beginning. We can work with that.

Let’s be done with endings. Let’s begin again.

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    • Heartbreaking for sure. But we can choose life. What’s really troubling to me is that house was recently bought by a young man. This destruction was done with the goal of being environmentally responsible. What a long road we are on!

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