Endangered species

Placer Mining the Grasslands

I’ve never seen a mariposa lily growing uphill from a stone. Uphill from a sagebrush, yes, but not a stone.

They need well-drained soil, which means they grow best where water, snow and wind have laid fine soil down as it drifts around. In other words, each lily is a tide pool, or a grain of gold, laid down in the dry, dry grass. Let’s look closer.

Ah, gold it is. So, remember. If you want lilies, plant a stone or a sagebrush, and wait.


The miners will come. Sure, you won’t be first, but …

… that’s ok, isn’t it?

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  1. It takes patience to capture images of insects inside flowers, in my experience — it’s a quality rare today.


    • It’s well worth the effort! 🙂 The insect becomes the attention, realized. And there we are together. Very cool. I have learned that when one is familiar with flowers, difference draws the eye. The flowers worthy of attention are easier to find if the attention has been given over a long time. Neat!



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