Okanagan Rock Climbing Speed Record?

Today, I have something really special for you. A late fall (December 3) cliff climbing race! I was strolling around, and I came upon a cliff. Nobel’s dastardly invention brought it to being out of the hill, but, still, the green rock is always a pleasure, and a couple minutes later I made an image of it so you could enjoy it, too. Yeah, I know, it’s a rock.

But look! Right in the middle! One of the neighbours has just finished a speed race. Athletes are always beautiful. This one, too. So, here’s the beginning of the race…

About 10 centimetres long, so, like, a giant!

… and a minute later…

Whew! Talk about speed, eh! My heart was racing, I tell ya. What an achievement, and on a vertical face of mud and rock, too. What was that? 7 centimetres in a minute? Folks, that’s a blazing 420 centimetres an hour! We’re talking pretty close to a metre in two hours here. Whoa.

I tell ya, it’s not humans who are making tracks today around this place!

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