First Peoples

Bye-Bye Fire

The correct management of forests is to fill them with water and then to eat the trees.

The Big Bar Lake Beaver Dining Out

Well, actually the bark of the trees. The wood is used to hold the water in place. If you do it right, the aspens will continually regenerate, and if fire comes they will stop it. That is, if it can even get through the swamps. In British Columbia, fire is a result of the fur trade. The fix is not more water bombers.

Welcome back, guys.

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  1. In our area, beavers “eat themselves out of aspen” and then have to leave. They are said to love willows, but not here. Old, deserted beaver ponds regenerate into willow swamps which moose love. I was on a small lake the other day and there are no aspens in sight but the beavers are apparently living on lily pads, judging by the devastation.


    • Up at big bar lake they even eat pine. They love ornamental dogwoods. Since aspen aren’t trees but sprouts from an underground being, they must be drowning it not eating it out? Well, a theory.

      On Mon., Sep. 27, 2021, 10:17 p.m. Okanagan Okanogan, wrote:



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