Mountains and Clouds and Fish Together

Look what happens to a cloud as it goes over Jesmond Peak in the Marble Mountains and has the Plateau in front of it for the first time. It makes a reverse image of the mountain!

An hour later, the situation has changed. Now the pressure is showing itself in cloud density, not shape.

In the evening, it makes a cloud out of thin air.

A few minutes later, and the pressure is becoming a ridge, following the spine of the mountain, even as the forward clouds are being dispelled.

In a strong weather change, I’ve seen the lake rise 12 cm out of itself in vertical peaks into the air, and then the sky suddenly cloud up, and drop rain onto a suddenly still lake. Fishers with long experience on this water tell me that it’s in those pressure changes that the big fish rise as well. That’s beautiful to think of: that fish are clouds, or even weather! And that the energy that made the mountains is still at work.

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