The Snake, the Duck and the Fool

I was doing what I love best, doodling along and taking photos of the sun splashing around in the wetland that is taking over the walking trail.

And suggesting to the new tenants that people and dogs might mean this is a great place for an afternoon splash but not so good for setting up house and home. 

The drake actually rolled his eye at me!

Nobody wants a lecture, I thought, but, no, he was making a comment on my lack of attention, which I found out soon enough when I turned around to get out of the wet and walk along higher ground. I was not alone!

It’s always a joyful day to meet a Pacific yellow-bellied racer (pretending, as usual, to be a broken branch from a saskatoon.)

What a beauty!

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  1. I miss the variety of snakes we had in the Midwest and in the South (Georgia and Tennessee), even if some were copperheads and moccasins. Copperheads in the spring used to be found in the flowering bulb beds near houses at which I worked as a day-laborer in the gardeners.

    Do you know Emily Dickinson’s “A Narrow Fellow in the Grass?”


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