Too Much Sagebrush

As we have arranged our property ownership in such a way that we can’t move out of the path of necessary fire, we are going to have to cut this stuff out by hand, remove it, burn it safely, and return the ashes..

Lone Arrow-Leafed Balsam Root in An Overgrown Grassland

That it is on private land makes that harder. Truth is, these environments are human ones, and have been subjected to human-induced burning since they were created thousands of years ago — by human intervention. To resist burning, or some kind of renewal, is to resist reconciliation with the Syilx nation, who hold legal title to this land, even though the British Columbian Government claims title instead. Even the Canadian and British Columbian courts acknowledge syilx title. In other words, “nature” and “private land” are the same in this place, and both exclude the people who are significant creators of this ecosystem. Rather than land becoming healthy by being set aside, it becomes unhealthier by the year. Land is a social relationship. It can’t hide.

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