Energy Generation By Gravity and Elm

This is applied science as taught by an elm tree. Here’s the elm tree. Do say hi.


So, right, you’ve got these long levers for arms, with these fine-fronds at the end that catch snow, great globs of snow, hundreds of kilos of it, and then, thunk, break. The levers and the snow all fall down. If you stand underneath, well, bonk. That’s it for you. But think of it. If this was a device that gathered snow in the same way, and the lever was a bit stronger and raised a barrel full of rocks, that then locked into place with a simple ratchet pin, storing the energy of that fall, and then if that energy were released slowly to power a turbine, when you needed it, you would have captured gravity without needing to dam a river, and you would have captured energy without having to buy rare Earths from warlords in the Congo. It would be like an oil derrick, but harvesting weather not black gunk. Anyway, that’s technology as an elm tree teaches it. But, yes, stronger arms. That’s the ticket.

That’s a lot of energy!

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