Endangered species

Good News for the Similkameen Grasslands

The Similkameen Spotlight has released a story of love and care in the grasslands. You can read it here: https://www.similkameenspotlight.com/news/millions-of-dollars-invested-in-protecting-former-princeton-ranch/. In short, the Nature Trust of British Columbia is investing in this property on the northern outskirts of Princeton, to preserve a precious stretch of grasslands at the heart of the Similkameen, forever. This is more rock solid than protection in a Provincial Park. The Williamson’s Sapsucker below, and the whole world he weaves on the grassland, is protected, and people with it.

There are so many bad news stories these days, but this is a powerfully positive one, and in such a special place, right where the mountains and the grasslands meet, right where the cedars come down from the Skagit to the Interior, right where the old trails go North and East and West. This place of great energy is here forever now. What vision! This transferal from colonial agriculture to a future Earth is where we all need to focus now.

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