And We Thought the Chicken and the Egg Were a Puzzle

Is this a footprint of a rock, or one of the sun?

Either way, the sun’s heat on this stone has melted snow away in the shape of a globe, which is the sun. It is as if the sun has travelled 135,000,000 kilometres and here it has recreated its sphere through the medium of rock, neither rock nor sun. If one looks at one, one must ignore the other. What’s more, it happens millions of times at once.

Each stone, no matter how low or buried in lichen, is the sun. It’s like a rain of suns! Or a big hatch. Either way, the spring Sun comes from the Earth and from the sky. In the Earth, it is heat. In the sky, it is high pressure air, not dense with mass but lifted up, and is the Earth not that? Air lifted up in the sun, by the sun, yet held to Earth by Earth? Earth and sun: one being, re-creating each other everywhere!

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