The Morning Mountain Speaks

The North East wall of the Cascades speaks the news daily with the rising sun above Keremeos.


You can note the news yesterday before sunrise. Note the eagle’s beak dividing the mountain’s face in two, one half dark and one half light, in keeping with the half moon in the middle of the sky (not shown here.) The eagle’s left eye is a man’s bearded face. Below it is a bird, or, rather, a man dressed as a bird, with feathered arms outspread. The eagle’s right eye is the eye of a horse. You can see the rest of the horse’s head outlined in white snow. At the crown of the mountain, to the horse’s upper right, is a dog. That’s the headlines. It’s actually an old, old story of the helpers who saved humans from their weakness by giving them strength. Other creatures are here as well, for the details and how other stories fit into this one yesterday. The white coyote, lifting his snout to the right of the horse, for instance, perched on his four legs (hunting mice) and imitating a chicken. Always the clown, eh. In settler culture, this is known as K-Mountain. No, it’s a view into the mind of the mountains.




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