It’s Time to Move Beyond the Divisive Categories of Indigenous and Settler and Live Together on Earth

In the cold of space…

… plants that tower above humans and those that hug the ground…

… hardly differ. What’s more, in the cold of space, air pushes water to freeze in the shapes of gas, much like the gravity wells of both the sun and the Earth …

…while water also has the molecular bonds to freeze in straight lines …

… and to break along them…

… just like the long sharp fronds below:

The cell structures here are carbon-hydrogen strings that water walks along, laid down by eating light, which is both a particle and a line. Both are present above, and below.

And below again.

And again.

This is Earth. There is the root of an indigenous science here, neither “settler” nor “Indigenous”. Anything less than such total immersion in the Earth and the creation of a way of seeing and being from that is to not be here. Here:

Dividing people on racial lines doesn’t change that.

Looking for exoplanets is to completely miss the point.


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