Roof Tech, or Houses Aren’t Fortresses, Eh

Tile roofs for the wealthy? Yeah, it’s a thing. Still, they freeze up good in the winter snow. Look at all the little icicles!

Also, look at all the gravitational energy going to waste, and all the possibility of harvesting that snow as water going to waste as well, because it’s too cold. Well, it isn’t too cold under the sage brush just up the hill. Not frozen under there.

Of course, a warm Earth helps, and you don’t want that heat to escape through a roof, but, um…

… nothing like a two-roof system, catching water in between, and nothing, certainly like dark, heat-absorbing, upward thrusting branches to warm the snow and turn it to water, which the plants then collect. So, look at the roof again…

I would expect a system of flexible vertical spikes would warm that snow, warm the tiles, and draw the water down to where it could be collected before it becomes a flood or evaporates and gets taken over to the Rockies.



The Rise Subdivision, Bella Vista, Canoe Bay, in the Syilx Illahie

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