Flood Prevention Starts By Planting a Tree

So, about a metre of snow has fallen in the last two weeks, with about half of that remaining. The rest melted or evaporated. It does that here, in this dry climate. So, let’s say that a metre of snow, or something like 11 centimetres, of actual water has fallen over the 8,000 square kilometres in the Canadian Okanagan, and it all has to fit eventually into the 135 square kilometres of Okanagan Lake before rushing on to the American Okanogan. That’s a lot of water. Something in the order of six or seven metres. If it didn’t evaporate, we’d be hooped. What do you think? Should we help it along? It wouldn’t be hard. We don’t have to think that flat surfaces are the only way. A device made by making an eight-legged cross would hold it in the air until the air could take it away.

Heck, we could even use fewer angles if we weren’t so showy. A bonus: this is carbon sequestering technology. No snow plows needed.

Of course, yes, technology is always attractive, so, sure, we could have some fun with this. Maybe start a new sport.

At any rate, the snow doesn’t all have to reach the ground at the same time, and it sure doesn’t have to all reach the ground at all. We can work with that.

No point just waiting for a flood and asking for compensation. The compensation could be the joy of passing the snow along.

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