Artificial Intelligence

Cross Dressing Snow Man Meets the Earth

Here’s a bit of spontaneous sculpture along the Gray Canal, leftover from some kind of New Year’s Celebration. Note the discarded noise maker.


Here’s another bit of spontaneous sculpture, on the way to the trail.


For Siya?, winter is over. Her buds are ready.

We are presented with a choice: to dramatize a kind of ‘self’ in nature and to plunder nature to gather the raw materials, or to become the dramatization of nature itself, lose that ‘self’, and allow nature to find within us the raw materials. Here are some more dramatizations of human “selves”.

And just a hundred metres along Bella Vista Road:

Domesticated Haws

Living trees are also bodies. In their case, though, the trees came first. Our language has no words for humans except those of trees. A body is a bough, a Baum and even a beam. Insistence that language is “all in the present” allows our secondary place in the world to be obscured. Here’s what the young set in Canada gets given these days, to lay down the foundations of citizenship and cultural belonging:


A Pre-fab Hudson’s Bay Company Fort in Syilx Territory


This is how far back history goes in settler culture.


History itself goes further.

Staghorn Sumac

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