Are We Coming or Going?

That is the question. At any rate, as this view from Dogtown shows, humans prefer artificial bodies over real ones…but use them with disregard.

Was human slavery built on any different principles? Have we, in fact, been so duped by industrial development that we have enslaved ourselves in the name of freedom? It appears so. Look at the gesture of care, spoken by the blue tarp and its rope below…

…and how at the slightest wind it is abandoned. Note the care spoken by the cedar, abandoned when after it was munched on by deer, emboldened by a lack of predators. All of this stuff, all these emblems of settler cultural life, mean nothing in Dogtown, aka Okanagan Falls, where the illusions maintained by money no longer pertain and expensive cultural symbols, once a part of local culture, mean nothing now. This is the Okanagan Valley at its roots. The new, glistening city of Kelowna is a symbol of the same decay and bewilderment. It’s just that it has money behind it to give it a shiny face.

Tourism Image from Kelowna, courtesy of Google

Our children and grandchildren deserve honesty. The longer we hold off on it, the harder they will fall.

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