What It’s All About (Hint: Not the Canadian Election)

I’ve been hanging out up on the Plateau, where the year has ripened fully.


Not Blending in Anymore (Or Needing To)

Every day, Yellow Pond is a new colour.

Big Bar Lake from the West Esker Saddle, With Red Pond Behind Me

That’s the big news. I’ve come down for three days, only to hear that Canada is holding a national election. Who knew! They’re even saying what Canadians find most important.

Well, I tell you, the only thing that could draw me away from this old Douglas fir ripening lusciously…

… is this:

You’re looking at the foundation for my greenhouse, which I built in August, for reception of the greenhouse itself on Tuesday, and then Okanaganokanogan will have a home for the experiments that will lead to my book of new crops and a new cookbook for the Okanagan. That’s what’s important to me: building a culture that will outlast Canada and rebuild the Earth. Global News knows nothing about his, but you do, and, besides…

…the fireweed is ripe. What a poor time for an election. We should be out in the hills, building our real country.

The Marble Mountains and a Whiskey Jack from the Beginning of the West Esker Trail

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