The Language of Opening

In just the way the balsam roots open…

… they find the openings made by deer, and I find them.

Just as the siya? opens as clusters of flowers, long enough to escape the spatial dominance of her branches …

… so does the parsley thrust up out of the spatial dominance and shadow of a stone to catch light. Heat from the rock, cool roots from shadow, density (of stone) to concentrate water, and just enough height but no more.

There is multiplicity here that is really unity, both on the individual level…

… but also across species …

… and time. If you were to open any of the pine cones below, you would find a world of insects you may likely have seen nowhere else.

Each is an earth.

Or a sun.

Many and one.

This is an example of how the Earth is a set of basic words. They combine to form a complex grammar.

It is dynamic. Look how the deer trails through the bunchgrass below are continually deflected over the years by fallen pines, as both express gravity through their own natures. That is a true conversation, conducted without speech.

Everything is speaking. The stone (that is the earth) absorbs the sun and creates the heat that opens the balsam root into its sun-nature.


The siya? offers to bring us into the conversation. Through its opening on its entwined but nowhere tangled limbs it makes us stop, roll its flowers through the fingers, pass them into memory and move on.

But we don’t really move on, because in that rolling we have woven ourselves in, or have been woven in. It is the same thing. Siya? is a basket, never woven but always weaving.

She is potential, the brush of fingers, lightness, quickness and life. That’s a lot of words for one potency, transforming the sun caught by stone …

… into the earth, as we know her.

Don’t be fooled by multiplicity. That’s just a word. It’s the same as unity. It is, however, not the same as individuality. Every one of the purple earths above has the sun, opening as a mouth on her face. It is a principle that crosses species.

When we say we are crossing the plains of the sun, we are not making a metaphor. Right now it is just opening.

Soon the sun will be full.



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    • It’s an idea I keeping opening into: that for every active force there is a space to receive it, which is of equal or greater power. Not exploration or thrusting but creation of space or room, to allow for opening rather than pushing.


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  1. Yes, I think I can understand you what you mean. but this makes your post more interesting and impressive. Thank you, Love, nia


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