Cutting Water and Binding Light

At first, dimness. In the dim world, a loon, which flies, swims and dives (and thus lives in all worlds at once.) This is the shadow world, that moves through all things, and is in all things.

It is, of course, a mixture of the dark world (also in all things) and the light world (in all things only if given). Watch it intensify.

It can do so without erasing greyness. In fact, it amplifies it. This, however, does not lasts, because water is a new pronunciation of one of the oldest words in all Eurasian (and consequently many North American) languages: ekwa, which is one half of a paired word: ak. This is the inspiring part, I think: ak contains two separate concepts in today’s world — two concepts which are really one. Ak means to cut. Water is thus the the wa form of cutting. “Parting” might be a more accurate term. The other form of ak energy is “acute”, or just ka, or cut. Look at the revelation of this energy, as it “leaks” leuk or brightness, separating grey into its parts:

At the same time, it cuts (ka) the akwa (aqua or water) in two, into the water below and the water above. And looks where that puts the loon, the one who travels in all dimensions…

Note that the fisherman is there, too. These dimensions are not the ones we know as “length,” “breadth” and “height,” or even the fourth, “time.” They are what our bodies know. There’s more yet. If you “ka” (cut) the earth…

… the cut manifests as water, either taken up by sprouts (or sharp tips of twigs) above, a kind of vertically-flowing water that cuts into the air (with the same ambiguity as early, grey dawn), or manifests in the cut, as its expression, retaining both potentialities of the cut at once.

There is one way to escape the cut of a knife to the earth, and that is to be a snake, a third manifestation of ak energy: ekw. This is the primordial snake that winds through the earth and cuts it, and remains as the winding. We know it as the adro, the ad, or ak energy that flows. It is the stroke (cut) of an oar (row), the roar of a falls, and the cuRRent of a River. We know it as the great rivers of Europe: the Oder (which is the adro itself), the Volga, the Elbe, the Rhine, the Dart and the Rhône, to name six. We might call these “snake” energy, but they are the cut; it comes first. The cut that waters, and keeps watering, and keeps watering, like an eye. It is, in other words, a form of seeing, just as the eye is a form of cutting. Look at the eye opening:

By seeing, one is within creation. It never separates. This is indigenous thinking. It is a gift from our ancestors. There is no water without a cut, no river without a snake, no tree without sharpness, no above without a below. They are not separate. There is one word for them all: ak. It is the cut that separates only to remain in new form. In other words, it opens.

Don’t let the light fool you. It might penetrate darkness and cut it, but, well, it’s still the cut. Remember, if, traditionally, the sun is male and the earth female, the sun’s penetration of the earth, the parting it makes within the earth’s spirit, is identical to the parting the earth makes. They are one, not two.  What a poverty we would live in if we denied our ancestors this wisdom. I mean “our” ancestors in a broad sense. Look at Sahaptin, in the Yakama dialect, from my grassland:

day — lkw’í (singular); lkw’ílkw’í (plural)

Look at nsyilxcin, a quite distinct salishan language, from my valley:

water — siwlkw

It is the act of swallowing, that point at which water and body join and make one sound together. We are the point that gives that sound, or union, voice. Even between these two languages the light and water are barely separate, as they are in our ancestral english, where the connection flows through the eye and the throat together, in an expression of simultaneous cutting and attraction (or healing), through lick/læk (lake), even like, into leuk (light). We are the cut and the healing, which are simultaneous. But, here’s the thing, we can’t cheat, and just cut and run, and ask the Earth to do the healing.

Garlic planted for next July, complete with water hoses and plastic ground cover to turn light into heat and alter time.

That snake of artificial intelligence bites. Every civilization that has tried it over the last 5,000 years has collapsed to date. That is no accident, and is not due to bad planning alone.

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