Caught Energy

Caught energy is cool stuff. I showed some images of binding energy yesterday,  here. Now for the energy that matches it: the catch.

Binding is an energy from one side of a relationship. Call it the spider web above. Caught is its twin. When one enters the zone of caught energy, one is held by a bond.

Landscaping on the Run!

It’s not just a physical effect. The leaf caught by a spider silk at the top of this post catches the light in turn.


The Japanese maple leaf in the grass in the watery light of cloud fails to catch red light, whereas the grass sure does, and so the contrast between them, visually. The catch-caught weave works out in light-shadow just the same:

Male Staghorn Sumac

In fact, we can look at colour pattern as a light-shadow game, rather than a “wavelength” game. These Columbia hawthorns show the way, not so much with the shadowing effects of the sun, but with the contrast with the blue of the sky. Out of it, the hawthorns concentrate red. Around each berry, the light is undifferentiated. It is light.

Here’s a grape climbing a hawthorn, taking the game one step further from the sky, but not a step further from the white light that surrounds the leaves.

What’s more, they caught my eye, which led me to see their bonds because I was now bound among them. To be caught, one must have an accumulation in lightness. One must settle, or, rather, stop moving.

Black Cherry Leaves

To sort this binding from holding is the catch that betrays a Western human presence. I think a creature without hands would not be able to think so. They might have no separation, and no possibility of separation, although the force is the same.

But that will be fun to explore tomorrow, with ponderosa pine’s help.



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  1. I have a slew of photos in my files with the keyword, “caught” but you’ve given me much more to think about, as usual! Oh, and that staghorn sumac photo – what gem that is! The pine, with its subtle rainbow of light, too.


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