artificial intelligence

The Sun is Not a Focussing Aparatus

Every moment of the sun is as focus as any other moment. This is hard for a human eye. It’s used to burrowing through light, to throw it into dimensions, which it can read. The eye is a great mathematician. But the world? No. Still, sometimes a camera glitch reveals the world that we move through, without seeing it.

Beautiful, eh! And again, after the eyes play their tricks on it and make it a human world. Ah, chokecherries.

Welcome to the eye, the ultimate artificial intelligenceĀ trickster, carried along to us from ancestors billions of years ago.

And back.

Look how our eyes, unused to this world, being ancient creatures and all, held within us (similarly to the way light-eating blue-green algae, are held captive within the genes of plants) read its energy as movement.

Crazy fun!

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