The Power of Dawn

In the morning, we are blinded by fog, which is to say we are blended by it.

It’s not that we can’t see out, which is a modern, directional way of thinking, but that we can’t see in to the light that calls the eye. It calls us everywhere. In these conditions, it is darkness that calls, filling the role that light usually fills.,

It is also possible for both to call at once. 

Our ancestors, for those of us whose families came out of Central Asia long ago, knew these colours as one. It was the catch of the mind, and the following body, through the simultaneous movement of the eye and what called to it that they held at heart. Under such conditions, colour is a mood.

Such moods can take the shape of a watching creature, such as the loon below, that by its presence divides water and air.

Or these floating golden leaves.

And then all together, all these shades and moods that are all dawn, or awakening.

It goes without saying that to see them separately is not an awakening but a departure, but then …

… there are other forces in the world.

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