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I Went to the Garden to Taste What I Could See

Black Krim, Brandywine and friends.

Brandywine is very, very happy this year (the big pink girl at bottom right, upper centre and peeking in from the top left.) Back in 1962 when my mother was 27, she kept a salt shaker in a pocket, so she could eat them while picking peppers in the next row. “Here,” she said, “Harold, try this.” I still am opening within that taste.

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  1. I also have found Brandywine about the ugliest and best tomato. We need a greenhouse to grow ours here because–even this year–we don’t have enough heat for out of doors.

    One of my fondest memories of my dad is of him walking into the house on a scorching day with his shorts on (no shirt) a big tomato and a salt shaker in his hands.


    • Yes, that salt, that’s a theme! Mom couldn’t have learned that in Smithers, though. I hear the Brandywines there need a greenhouse. They just had a moose in the barn. Nothing as fancy as a greenhouse. There wasn’t enough heat for a greenhouse back in those days!



  2. I love this story about your mom….I don’t come from a farming background, but maybe my father had equally discerning taste and stubborn ingenuity. He brought little packets of instant espresso in his pocket when they went to dinner, back in the 70’s, before restaurants had espresso, and the coffee was bland. It always struck me as endearing, when he whipped out his little packet and carefully stirred it in.


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