Build An Earth for Wasps? Now’s the Time!

Right in this season, right now, sales of wasp-killing products are peaking, as the yellow jackets drive everyone away from eating outdoors. It can be freaky, especially when the nests are right in your doorway. But there’s another story. Take the last of last year’s shallots and onions and plant them now. In 1 year, they will look like this, wasps and all.

Nope, not a yellow jacket, but in between feasting on nectar, they are cleaning up your vegetable patch of bugs, and you’re saving the ravaged hillside from human desertification, and making your yard look gorgeous.

So, off to the basement. Any onions there? Out in the dust with them. The rains will soon come.


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  1. In our area it is the bald-faced hornets that are the ones that cause a lot of pain when one blunders into the nesting area. It feels like someone pounding a nail into your skin. I liken these wasps to hawks as they patrol the lawn, garden and sides of the house hunting flies and other beasties that I can’t identify. M


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