Water Quality in Vernon: We’ve Got You Covered

I contacted the city a year ago that water was leaking from this weird plumbing array and filling the ditch. They came, they tested, said it was ground water, not their water, but then very nicely dug up the ditch to move the water around a bit. For this, I lost a road shoulder to walk on down this stretch, and the water, well, it’s doing its thing.

Apparently, people have been trying to help it do its thing for a long time.

Even some herbicide to pretty it up.

And a complex environment results.

We are living past the end of time.

But, hey, we can still get a drink. Water from a bottle, Snapple from a jar …

… and a slurpie lid! Such is life at the distance from town at which all drinks are done, and out the window they go.

Remember, this is groundwater. Look at it disappear under the ground up there. Nice, eh. Don’t worry, we’ve got this covered. Here’s the Vernon Master Water Plan:

Master Water Plan

Greater Vernon Water 2017 Master Water Plan

A Master Water Plan (MWP) is a planning tool to guide water utility improvements and infrastructure renewal decisions to ensure investments are completed in an organized and cost effective manner.  The Greater Vernon Water (GVW) 2017 MWP provides a detailed assessment of the current status of the GVW water system and provides direction to ensure compliance with Provincial standards to safeguard health and to meet future water needs based on predicted growth for the next 40 years.

Good to know! Time to plant a tree in celebration.

Yes, that is a horse chestnut. Good call there.

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