Light and Shadow Going on Forever

Light is very interesting to humans, but so is the lack of light. Here is some of both I found under an elm.

I’m intrigued by the idea that this shade is not really the absence of light. The light has been reflected off the leaves, yes, and some of it has been absorbed, but some of it as well leaks through. The shadow is, accordingly, an expression of the leaf, in colour, although these colours are so dim they appear black, but look. That’s not black.

Neither is it either easily washed away by light or completely resistant to it.

Look at the leaves below: not elm, but they sure block, filter and change the light in varying ways.

This ragweed, too.

Medieval wisdom held that the shade of every tree brought on different dreams. Goethe (and modern psychology) argues that colour represents mood, and affects mood.

Perhaps colours of darkness do too?

It would be fascinating to make a palette! And here’s a neat correspondence.

The Marble Mountains from the Big Bar Esker (Which is Ground-Up Marble Mountains!)


These patterns carry across vast distance. If darkness isn’t black, what is it? A kind of light.

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