Artificial Intelligence

Every Tree Knows Leaves are Better than Lightbulbs, Mr. Edison

Edison made lightbulbs to imitate gas globes, which were, like, dangerously explosive pressure capsules, so thanks, Thomas, for that, but flame does not have to be hot. Leaves don’t make light, of course, but they intensify it and transmit it. These are the lessons of the Big Leafed Maples of the Cascadian Coast, which don’t follow the rules of order of the technological enlightenment yet have the power to enlighten it for a new future.

We’re talking lots of light.

And it doesn’t have to be all “on” at the same time.

Very tricky wiring, but the principles are simple.

And out of this, Edison’s descendants made FaceBook and car-building robots. Sometimes, one needs to start following a different branch.

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