Artificial Intelligence

A Biological Mind is Not a Sears Roebuck Catalogue, or The Joy of Driftwood

It’s cool to be a biological critter and to see the world through body images. Here are some bodies sharing the day at Rialto Beach.

When a body falls, a beam and all its belly and bows, and the Earth clings to it, it has hands and feet to biological eyes, but not to the eyes of Elon Musk’s or Google’s or Apple’s rogue cars. Those are like soapbox racers made out of 1903 Sears Roebuck catalogues set free on the streets.

And when the sea washes the soil off these bodies floating in the sea and tosses them high on the beach in winter storm, the hands and feet become faces, weird, twisted, beautiful and expressive faces. They draw us to them. A Sears catalogue would just drive around on its way to its next charging station.

And as a biological conundrum, if I look more closely into the body of the bough, I find the darkness where I am. Anything is possible in that space.

It’s all very very cool. That’s because my body is made of water, and knows water well. I follow, thinking I’m thinking. Na, I’m just flowing along.

But it’s, like, very fun. Look at these spruce bodies swimming in the dream that is Big Bar Lake, just waving along without going anywhere at all. That’s a very human thing. As walkers, we like that idea of destination in nowhere.

We are not alone in this.

Good thing.

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