Please, Please, Please Don’t Plant That Lavender!

If you plant that lavender, the crab spiders will have nowhere to go, and they are the wolves of this ecosystem. Removing the top predator from a chain, in this case a predator of bees and wasps, weakens everything, even the lives of birds, flowers and bees. I know it’s pretty, and sells houses like they were in Provence or  Vevey, all money-in-the-bank, but, please, just don’t.

It’s hard to blend in, you know. One is going to get picked off by a bird before sunset.

But if you just have to, then at least intersperse the crazy weed with some yarrow.

Good hunting there.

Or some snow buckwheat. Crab spiders can change between white and yellow. Even pale, pale green. That’ll do fine. Just remember: this isn’t Provence.

Do the responsible thing.

Thank you.

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    • They are great little hunters! Here, the fashion is to pull out all native plants, replace with landscape cloth, cover with rocks, and then plant some lavender. It’s about dreaming on a sterilized canvas. Time for a new art form.


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