First Peoples

Who Is the Smart One Now?

Balance, that’s the thing. The deer eat the buds of Siya? in the winter, as they hang down nice and low. This nibbling stiffens the branch and forces it up and out of the grass. Siya? continues this lifting by raising her flowers up high for the bees, and by putting them on long, succulent stems. 

Those will droop with the weight of the fruit, lowering them to where human hands, the mouths of coyotes, the nibbly bits of bears and the black tongues of deer can reach them. For this lowering, ropy branches are the best, and so they are. Not all are lowered, though. Some remain high for the robins. In this way, everyone is brought to the feast and carries the seeds away. From that, they will be planted in a variety of different locations. That’s how Siya? moves across the land. And humans are looking for non-human intelligence? And not here? How colonial.

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