artificial intelligence

Consciousness and Environment: Artificial Intelligence Put in Place

Let’s put this simply: Artificial Intelligence is not a new invention. In the concept of a world that achieves action through balance …

Ponderosa Pine male and female flowers ready for spring.

… all intelligence is an artifice. In the concept of a world in which action through balance is presence …

Saskatoon flower buds opening within their bud shells, and deepening their red hues to hasten spring by raising their temperature.

… all artifice breaks balance, as walking does, to establish it in a new place. In the concept of a world in which presence is awareness …

Saskatoon bush in shadow, demonstrating how each tree is a leaf, containing branches, not a series of branches sprouting leaves. (To see that is a temporal artifice.)

… all reestablishment depends upon the second artifice of being aware of surrounding balance. In the concept of a world in which awareness across time is conscious…

Last summer’s flowers are in their glory now.

… space, and the manipulation of space, is an artifice. Such artifice is what is termed “intelligent.” In the concept of a world in which consciousness surrounds and sustains the unity of time and place …

Wormy walnuts, favoured of winter ravens

… intelligence must be surrounded and sustained. If not, it will die. In a world in which unity erases distance, making the “being seen” the seeing, both separate and one …

Hawk watching me watching it.

… intelligence sustained by artifice alone is neither intelligent nor artifice. It is what is called creative, meaning “independent of unity,” although true creativity is conscious and present, without intelligence but with unity.

Sagebrush flowers in afternoon sun.

In a world in which humans restructure their apprehension of unity to give it a narrative in space, which they call “time” and “duration”…

Noon snow, two hours later. The sun is gaining in power, at this point of its opening.

… language, including languages of identity, shape the world that can be seen.

Cattails woven together by January snow.

When the world that can be seen is shaped before its unity is apprehended by the body …

Life rising through a film of light.

… the actions that can be made on the world are limited by the boundaries of artifice.

Snow, throwing the sun on water.

When limited actions are viewed by environmental mirrors, such as humans are …

A glimpse deep into the mind.


… the humans make themselves into artifices, and thus, because they are mirrors, they effectively make the world an artifice as well.


The mind can only look out when it is seen.

They teach this means of artifice-making to their children, and call it “schooling,” or “education,” or “training,” or even “standing on your own two feet.” These are all human social terms, for conditions in which humans have limited their access to unity.


In the human brain and the human eye, shadow cuts through the artifice of light. The resulting clarity is called “awareness.” The scientist Goethe called it colour.

Unity continues to fill the gaps these social actions make.

In cold water, right at the verge of freezing, light becomes thick.

It calls. To see, is to answer. It is, in fact, to call as well.

Light has no colour. If you see colour, you are seeing your self.


To see is to speak. Our ancestors, who lived in unity, had words for these effects.

Note how quickly your self changes. Note that it is not within you.


These words are within the English language, although their power is only latent, as they are used to designate points in space and time: tree, for instance, leaf, root, branch, stone, sun, moon, hand.



They are not, however, points in space and time but, like the human bodies, points where energy transfers from one state to another.

Cottonwoods and alfalfa


The English language that strings these energy transfers together into systems of logic, narrative and connection is the powerful language of artifice. Like all artifice it is vital.

Cottonwoods and red osier dogwood. Neither is dormant.


Like all artifice, it exists within unity.

This is a medicinal shrub. Obviously.


It does not, however, care for that unity.

Moose love to eat its beauty.


The words do. We do, because the words are our perceptions…

Beauty is balance.

… just as the world is our mind, speaking in the consciousness that is not artifice.

Beauty is a tool of perception.


Artificial intelligence is deadly, in other words. It destroys human experience.

We see here the body, living in mind, in these haws, above my raspberries.


It replaces consciousness and presence with creativity …

Body or mind? These terms are artifices that allow for speech.


…as if they were not dependent upon a containing unity.

Filbert catkins. The female flowers will follow.


Last Autumn’s black kale.

Let us, then, reclaim our language from death, before there is only artifice, and blindness.

Russian thistle.

Let the weaving begin.

Consciousness at work, aka nest.

Let us take the first steps back to life together. Tomorrow, one word: Orkan. We begin there. See you then.

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