First Peoples

Happy New Year to You As We Surf Among the Blue Herons

There are a series of giant stone heads laid along the east coast of Vancouver Island just north of the Salish Sea. As the new year comes in, they are great for landing on.

Or just for surfing.

Have a great landing in the surf of the new year, all of you. Your support for this project has kept me inspired and I have tried to return that to you. We are 1787 posts into this project now. It started with just one, in a moment of curiosity that began on this beach and took flight when I returned to the country that made me! It has changed my life, in many positive ways. I hope it has changed yours, at least in a small way. As a blessing for the new year, and in the hope that I can continue to provide all 20,484 of my visitors in 2017 with fresh views of this beautiful Earth and how we can work with her to create our future together, I offer you a good head to land on in an outgoing tide.

Surf ahead in 2018, eh!

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  1. They do indeed provide refreshment and reminders of the loveliness of the natural world… that I, alas, spend too little time exploring. Thank you for the daily exposures to wonder.

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