Rejoicing with the Gardener

Ah, Autumn! Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. And one lone Bramley hanging out with her friends. p1270278The front garden beside them is putting on a fall show.p1270175 Vetch is dragging the old ones down to the dark earth. They go willingly.p1270192 Asters are still playing their tricks on the sun. p1270183 Summer’s poppies are still speaking Old Norse like they do.p1270187 But all in all, things are coming to the point at which they all give themselves to the earth.p1270195 Not all at once, though.p1270184 But the earth is calling.p1270189

Even the gardener has heard.


Yes, that’s her getting a little sun.


She’s carrying a lot of eggs! A heavy load!


Her consort was by three weeks ago, but now it is time to find shelter.


The praying mantis is one of the reasons why the cricket songs of summer go quiet, but the  cricket songs of summer are a reason she comes by.


Fair trade. Oh, and there are perks.


And if you go inside, there’s Silesian apple cake, just like my Grandmother and mother used to make it. It’s that time of year. Rejoice.


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  1. The first rule of blogs is that is you talk about wonderful desserts you either have to post a photo or include the recipe!


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