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A Cake for Old Friends and New Harvests, Gardener Approved

This is the cake my grandmother made. I used to walk 2 miles for a piece of it. 50 metres of that was across a 15 cm. wide set of planks nailed to the top of a barbed wire fence across a flooded swamp. It was worth it. Over the decades, my mother used to make it whenever I came by. Now I found the recipe, and here it is with my own Fintry apple, which helped. p1270284

It is gardener approved.


It’s easy, too. Grandma would never let you down.


To keep it a family thing, forget the currants. Thanks for asking, Jim. Thanks for baking, Martha and Dorothy! Love ya!


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  1. By the way, I was a 5-year-old plank walker: through the cactus, down the hill, under the barbed wire, through the poison ivy, across the plank bridge, along the alfalfa field, down the road, through the orchard, in through Grandpa’s workshop, very mysterious that, pipe smoke and oil, and straight to Grandma, a wipe on the face with a dishcloth and a corner of her apron, and the cake, just like Winnie the Pooh!


  2. Now this is absolutely weird…for months to read this blog, I’ve had to click on the url at the bottom of the mail, but ask for the apple pie recipe and suddenly all is restored. But Fintry apples….Really hard over here. Impossible, even on a a northern lights night like tonight. Would Ynys Enlli Apples do?

    Seriously, a challenge set is a challenge fully met, and a nice weekend treat in store, both the baking and the eating. Diolch y Fawr Iawn Old Friend.



    • Bardsey Apples will certainly do well! Any apple that doesn’t go to mush, but preferably one with some tartness, but not too much. A buttery tart one would be best. Gravenstein would be grand.


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