The Eclipse of the Peach

The sun was too bright to look at, even in 90% eclipse today, but I got a couple images for you. First, a peach in my garden taken at full eclipse, against the sun, with some peach leaves for a filter. Look at how strong the shadows are and how crisp the edges!
Second, a leafhopper walking across the uneclipsed crescent of the sun, totally unfazed, through a pinhole projector made of a sheet of tinfoil, casting an image on a sheet of paper.

If you’re going to see an eclipse, earth’s the place for it, I say.

Mother and Daughter Reunion in the Garden

Some gardens are wild, and grow wherever they want, like this nightshade.

Some need lots of prep, and then grow, if they want, like this nightshade.

Welcome to my new garden, Potato!

It won’t be long now!

Mom will take longer.

And she’ll kill you, the dear. Stick with the kids!

The Ripeness of Colour

The emotional colourings of trees and the balance between these colourings can be very beautiful.

This form of art is as much a garden harvest as any other. In this case, the art is in an old, private graveyard in Zurich. It is a place of great spirit. This form of ripeness — this agricultural harvest —  cannot be created by landscaping or by work. It has to be allowed to find its balance. By it, we can find our measure. Beautiful!

Every Nectarine is Chosen by Hand and Eye

Every single one. Note the pruning cuts to separate the fruits from sharp angles, where they will be trapped and rot, and the edges of the twigs tipped to help the tree lay down next year’s twig in a place to renew this one.

Poor Man’s Bonsai!

Thinning will follow in June, to complete the selection, removing scarred fruits first, spacing the rest, and removing any remaining trapped fruits. There are millions of nectarine trees, each with hundreds of fruits, and each one is chosen by hand and eye, every single one.

Rejoicing with the Gardener

Ah, Autumn! Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. And one lone Bramley hanging out with her friends. p1270278The front garden beside them is putting on a fall show.p1270175 Vetch is dragging the old ones down to the dark earth. They go willingly.p1270192 Asters are still playing their tricks on the sun. p1270183 Summer’s poppies are still speaking Old Norse like they do.p1270187 But all in all, things are coming to the point at which they all give themselves to the earth.p1270195 Not all at once, though.p1270184 But the earth is calling.p1270189

Even the gardener has heard.


Yes, that’s her getting a little sun.


She’s carrying a lot of eggs! A heavy load!


Her consort was by three weeks ago, but now it is time to find shelter.


The praying mantis is one of the reasons why the cricket songs of summer go quiet, but the  cricket songs of summer are a reason she comes by.


Fair trade. Oh, and there are perks.


And if you go inside, there’s Silesian apple cake, just like my Grandmother and mother used to make it. It’s that time of year. Rejoice.