Earth and Her Two Suns

Sagebrush. It loves the heat and it looks so grey, right.P2240395 It loves the cold and it looks so grey, so very grey.P2250529

But it has a secret.


It’s really saturated with light, which it concentrates out of the air.P2240839

It takes great contrast for human eyes to see it, but to the sagebrush, pshaw, normal, you know.P2240842

149,597,870,700 meters from the earth (or about 149,597,870,700 of those sagebrushes up there on that hill above you), the sun is caught from the air, the way a spider catches flies, and springs to life, where there was otherwise only particles and waves passing through darkness. That means there are two suns. One made of hydrogen, and one a sacred plant that smells like split stone, right at the moment of splitting open.


Worth a bit of love.

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