The Voice of a Great Cascadian River

Chapman’s Bar: a gravel bar in the Fraser River.P2000130As the heat breaks, the rain begins in the ancestral homeland of the grassland peoples.

P2000161 Some rocks never dried out. The spring river made a nest around this one.P2000171 The rain washes off the muck of logging that has come down the river from the plateau.P2000177 Rocks are life. If you think with the earth.P2000174 Beautiful life!P2000223


Beautiful rocks!

P2000146Volcanic rifts, volcanic islands, subductions, stratovolcanoes, plutons, island arcs, metamorphoses, uplifted seabeds carved by glaciers and all rounded by water: ah!


This is the river talking and taking us home.

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  1. The coffee that we wanted to ‘do’ is as elusive as the piece of wind that wiggled out betwixt my fingers. But, there is a positive development in my wrestling with the mandroids. By the end of the month I expect to show anther stage of action. M

    -Manfred Harter “2004 Scorpion Award Winner – Favourite Instrumental Artist of the Year” 250.549.1260



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