Heart of the Monster

Some images to contemplate, and some questions. Does the heart of the monster from whom the Nimíipuu sprang have a head?

Do stones contemplated over 12,000 years remain just stones?P1870266 Is this Itceyeye negotiating with the monster?P1870290Here’s the big picture from the picnic site. Lots to see here. For one thing, it’s not Nature, but a story. It’s social. Is Nature social? What does it mean if it is?


Have a great week. Back soon.

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  1. Hi Harold,

    I just purchased 6 1/2 acres of over grazed Similkameen valley/glacial landslide. Quite a bit of native species left but water table altered on half by Inland Gas pipeline installation. Would love to have your advise on how to return it to a natural state.

    Peter Lantela


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