flower gardening

Beating the Heat

The water comes to the rock faces of Turtle Mountain under the snow. It’s gone now ….P1760945 … but it intensifies the sun and creates an early season for the arctic plants of the Okanagan, the mosses and lichens of earth’s youth, when it was cold …P1760939

… and the beautiful sedums. Now, the mosses have withered. Without the snow, the water has gone. The year is over. P1760930 The sedums, though, haven’t even flowered yet! They do this by holding their breath all day, storing the sun as acid, and then breathing at night, drinking in carbon dioxide, and making the sugars they need to survive, in the dark.P1760919 Pineapples do the same thing.P1760894But pineapples don’t wash up in the first surf of the world like this!


There is more than one Okanagan. This is the one of the sedums.

P1760903 The most up-to-date bit of plant engineering on the planet!succulent


This global warming thing? They’ve seen it all before.

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