Sun Dog in the Morning

The sun brought one of its dogs out this morning.

It was a trickster dog.

High over town.


It barked through the trees.


Then slipped away.P1680787

An hour later it was swimming in Kalamalka Lake.


But you see…


Even the earth is going a little crazy today. Woof!

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      • We photographers are always looking for ways to preserve* what our eyes see, and raw files help. Don’t want to get too technical here, but the jpegs that our cameras “cook” for us “on the fly” are (to extend the food metaphor perhaps too far) really only a “serving suggestion”!

        *I’ve never liked the “capture” or “shoot” terminology…it’s more agreeable to think of the digital sensor “absorbing” information for us to make good use of…possibly much later.


      • Thanks, Clyde.

        I’m going to give it a try with those raw files. I’ve been saving them for a rainy day.

        Maybe a sunny day is more like it.

        I’ll let you know what happens.

        I’m getting pretty tired of the jpeg view of ‘reality’ myself.


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